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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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(d) Jati-siddhayas (fixed income from castes) : —

From    Cennugadtij    the     washerman,

per year    ...    ga

From Rangadasari, the legari*, per year.    „
From the shoe-maker-Jarajpa^ars (?)

per year    ,.-    „      20

The   total income  from   Jati-siddhayas

per year    ...

The total cash from siddhayas per year.

HI,    Maniham-paikalul : —

Rent of (betel) leaves * from Tan^rapati

Linga Setti                    per year    ...    ga  250

The  duty (sunlcam)  on   (leaves)    with
stems, from Paramana Nagi Setti
of Siravolla per year                       ...    „    650

The duty on oil mills, from Grandla
Timmi Setti                   per year ... „ 300

The duty on money changers, from
Panuganti Timmi Setti and Cilam
Mallayya                        per year ... „ 120

The duties on toddy and  arrack, from

Srlrama Grand                 per year    ...    „    500

The duty on cotton-cleaners from Saba-
rautu Mulkibhai              per year ,., „ 300

The    duty    on    Indigo    from    VSnuri

G<5vindu                         per year    ...    „      50

The total (sum realised) from  Hayiham

1 Both Mauihas                  per year    ...    „  2,428

* Begari means forced labour. What exactly is its lemse in this context ia not quite
clear. It iğ perhaps identical with vetfi which also means forced labour.
f The total is wrongly made up ; the correct figure* are fa 528$.
t ftfaniham-paikalu means duties payable in cash to the Government on trad* and
§ These totals are wrong : the figures given for various items of the Mcudkam
amount to go. 2,170.
U Thit u the literal rendering of the phrase ubhaye-m<t*ihnlu-takX*t hut the account
mentions only one section describing maniKam-faikVlii* Y7Ğ have perhaps to include the
previous item of revenue si Ad hay a* under maniham-paiKZlw^ but, as the totals are wronfly
made up, this is not Capable of verification.